Serendipity, Stupid Luck, or Planning?

My eldest son had his first Prom the other night. For now, we’ll not talk about the fact that I’m old enough to have children going to prom (actually, we’ll never mention it again).

The Dance

This little collection of flames came from the shoot where I was gathering up potential shots to use as a compositing element in the remake of “This Little Light of Mine.” It’s interesting to me because in a few of these, you can almost see the progression of the flame as I continued to click away.

I’ve decided to give away full-resolution copies of these images so compositors or 3D artists can use them in their own work. So here they are, released under a creative commons license, which basically releases them into the public domain. Enjoy!

Fog, Winter, and Trees – Oh My

I’ve tried to get this photo for six years – this tree, these conditions, and on a day I remembered to grab the camera bag on the way out the door to work. I honestly didn’t think it would happen, as I missed a couple of opportunities, and then the land owner had a bunch of barn wood stacked up against it for a few years.  But last night as I realized this morning would have dense fog, I thought about this tree and remembered that the wood stacked against it had been removed a few months ago, so I would have another opportunity after all.  So, here it is.

It’s funny how you almost develop a sort of relationship with the things you want to make photographs with. You find yourself caring for them in an odd sort of way, wishing them well and admiring them every time you see them.

The Oppressed II

This is my second attempt at this image. My first version of this debuted a year ago during my first solo exhibition. it wasn’t a bad image, and I was reasonably happy with it, but didn’t really hit the technical or emotional marks I’d hoped to achieve with it. I let it be for a while (took a break from photography as a whole, really), and a few months ago began working towards version 2.

My First Solo Exhibition!

Big announcement time! I’ve not posted in some time because I’ve been keeping a secret. I’ve been very busy creating new work for my very first solo exhibition.  

Seeing What Develops

I’ve recently begun developing my own black and white 35mm film. There’s still quite a bit to learn, especially where scanning is concerned, but I think I’m off to a decent start.

Senior Portraits for Miss Nikkie

I had a fantastic amount of fun shooting senior portraits for a friend’s daughter, the lovely miss Nikkie. We experimented a bit in a studio setup to start things off then migrated out to Sandhills State Park to catch some golden sunlight before it dipped below the horizon. These are some of my favorites from the shoot.