Category: Composites

The Dance

This little collection of flames came from the shoot where I was gathering up potential shots to use as a compositing element in the remake of “This Little Light of Mine.” It’s interesting to me because in a few of these, you can almost see the progression of the flame as I continued to click away.

I’ve decided to give away full-resolution copies of these images so compositors or 3D artists can use them in their own work. So here they are, released under a creative commons license, which basically releases them into the public domain. Enjoy!

The Oppressed II

This is my second attempt at this image. My first version of this debuted a year ago during my first solo exhibition. it wasn’t a bad image, and I was reasonably happy with it, but didn’t really hit the technical or emotional marks I’d hoped to achieve with it. I let it be for a while (took a break from photography as a whole, really), and a few months ago began working towards version 2.

Queen of the Skies

This is the latest in the series of images that are the result of a collaboration with the remarkably talented seamstress and designer Katie Kaufman, proprietress of Enchanted Designs. This is her fantastic pirate captain costume, and I thought it’d be most fun to put her in an airship. In the distance you can see the airships “Wrath of Jove” and “Vengeance”, heavily armed and ready to do their Lady’s bidding.

The Nautilus’ Salon II

This is the second shot/experiment I wanted to do with this particular room. In The Nautilus Salon, I wanted to see if I could build a convincing environment in 3D and put a practically shot model into it, and make the entire composite a nice cohesive image. In this second image, I wanted to see if I could create a bit of interaction with that 3D environment – in this case the chair.

The Nautilus’ Salon

This has fast become one of my favorite images. After my “This little light of mine” experiment, I began thinking about how fun it would be to create a full environment in 3D, then composite a practically shot model into the scene. I began gravitating towards the idea of creating something with a bit of a steampunk aesthetic. Jules Verne’s “20’000 Leagues Under the Sea” is a source of inspiration to steampunks – a Victorian era science fiction that melded unique beauty with technology, so I wanted my steampunk image to be a sort of homage to that.

The Guitar Shop Guys

I’ve had the chance to work with these guys on their website and have been honored to also shoot portraits for them.

This is a composite of two photos. I shot the shop separately from guys, whom I lit and shot against a black background. While editing the photos, I thought it might look good to clip them out and put them into the shot of the shop itself. I like the result.

This Little Light of Mine

This is a composite – there’s some 3D, but it’s mostly practically shot though. It’s a proof of concept for a project idea I’ve got bouncing around. I won’t go into detail yet, but I think it has promise.