Category: Film

Seeing What Develops

I’ve recently begun developing my own black and white 35mm film. There’s still quite a bit to learn, especially where scanning is concerned, but I think I’m off to a decent start.

The Singer Time Machine

It’s remarkable what simple, humble objects can cause us to remember, consider and speculate about. Consider this little unassuming time machine, as it tells the story of love and tenacity, and asks what we’ll leave behind.

This short film is the result of some frenzied work trying to make the deadline of a contest I wasn’t initially planning on entering. The challenge was to make a 1 or 2 minute short film including some public domain footage that told a compelling story of a journey or hidden treasure. I had no clue what story I would tell that wasn’t a contrived piece of horse manure – until I stumbled across the footage of immigrants landing at Ellis Island. That caused me to remember the story I’m sharing with you here.