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Fog, Winter, and Trees – Oh My

I’ve tried to get this photo for six years – this tree, these conditions, and on a day I remembered to grab the camera bag on the way out the door to work. I honestly didn’t think it would happen, as I missed a couple of opportunities, and then the land owner had a bunch of barn wood stacked up against it for a few years.  But last night as I realized this morning would have dense fog, I thought about this tree and remembered that the wood stacked against it had been removed a few months ago, so I would have another opportunity after all.  So, here it is.

It’s funny how you almost develop a sort of relationship with the things you want to make photographs with. You find yourself caring for them in an odd sort of way, wishing them well and admiring them every time you see them.

Hoar Frost

So since it’s a cold day in Kansas, and we’re expecting yet more snow, I thought I’d share this photo, taken about four years ago. Being from the desert Southwest, this was the first time I’d ever seen hoar frost, and I was mesmerized – it was so beautiful.

Misty Morning

On my drive to work I pass by a lot of fields. Really, this being rural Kansas, it’s rather difficult not to pass by a lot of fields on a drive of more than a few minutes.