My eldest son had his first Prom the other night. For now, we’ll not talk about the fact that I’m old enough to have children going to prom (actually, we’ll never mention it again). His mother and I wanted to make this a bit of something to be remembered, so went to the trouble of turning the living room into a studio. Well, it’s not really trouble, per se, but it is a bit of a chore to bring in the lights and backdrop, and move the furniture all around to accommodate the backdrop and gear. I decided to go ahead and do a full lighting setup, with key, rim, fill, and hair lights. Honestly, I’m not sure how much my odd placement of the rim light contributed to the scene, only experimentation will tell.  

Anyway, we ran through a couple dozen exposures and then wanted to do a couple of fun shots with his hat. I prompted him to get closer to the key light and face it, then reach up and grab the brim. And the result was amazing. I honestly didn’t plan the gorgeous falloff of the key light or the way the now-off-center hair light would just sorta kiss the hat and jacket.

While this shot wasn’t exactly planned, all the conditions were right for something good to happen, and my-oh-my, was I excited to find out that something good had indeed happened.